• The Art of Bread

    Taste the difference of fresh baked bread with all natural ingredients from the fresh food experts at Joe's Produce Gourmet Market.

Your Daily Bread

Most of us enjoy bread at least once a day, whether it’s buttered toast for breakfast or a hearty sandwich for lunch.

But what’s in the bread you bring home? If you buy brands from supermarkets, it’s likely your bread has been exposed to additives like potassium bromate (to give the loaf more “volume”), the dough conditioner azodicarbonamide,  partially hydrongenated oil and artificial coloring.

Virtually no additive provides health benefits, and many are actually considered potentially harmful!

Art of Bread is Different

Every loaf of bread, every roll, scone or croissant that comes from Art of Bread is made that day and 100 percent additive-free.

What’s more, every baked good is sourced right from the ingredients at Joe’s Produce Gourmet Market, where freshness isn’t just a standard … it’s a mantra!

The Art of Bread Making

To create their artisan bread products, Joe’s expert staff covers the clock:

  • At midnight, mixers begin prepping the dough for the morning bake
  • Before dawn, the bakers begin hand-shaping the day’s loaves.
  • The dough is baked in a genuine Stone Hearth Oven – where the natural steam gives the crust just the right crunch texture.
  • Every loaf is then individually wrapped and displayed.

Can You Tell The Difference?

Take the “inhale” test, comparing an off-the-shelf supermarket brand to a freshly baked Art of Bread creation.  You’ll notice something’s missing in the supermarket bread – that irresistible aroma.

Then put Art of Bread to the test with your next slice of toast or sandwich – we think you’ll agree you made the right choice for your daily bread.

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